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City from an animal’s perspective

Project type: Audio tour
Client: ACN, ARchitecture Centre Nijmegen
Location: Centre of Nijmegen (NL)
Date: 2020

In 2020 a podcast was published by the Nijmegen Architecture Centre featuring Mathias Lehner as an architect and specialist in nature-inclusive design and program director Green Metropolis Harry Boeschoten of Staatsbosbeheer. It is intended as a first step is to understand the urban ecosystem: seeing the city through the eyes of the animal. Many animal species are now more common in the city than on meadows and fields. The city is therefore of ever greater importance for the lives of people and animals. But how can we learn to relate to nature, and profit from its benefits? How can ecologists, architects and residents help to accommodate our flora and fauna co-inhabitants?

Together with city ecologist Jochem Kühnen the podcast let’s you stroll through Nijmegen and look through the eyes of an animal. The swift to be precise. People share the same place of residence with this species but experience it very differently. Listen to the 64 minutes podcast on Sound Cloud here and download the walking route here.