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Altruism – designing for ‘the other’

How will we live together? This question posed at the Venice Biennale 2021 by Hashim Sarkis forms the base for the autumn 2021 P3 design course given by Mathias at the Academy of Architecture entitled ‘Altruism’. Master students of architecture, urbanism and landscape are triggerd to look ahead a couple of decennia with in mind to contribute to the (r)evoltuion of the planet, as requested by the Academy. In this course students design a district in Amsterdam North that takes care of an ‘other’ – either a group, an area, or any other ‘other’. Student Laure Nijmeijer for example came up with a climate adaptation plan that embraced the waters of the IJ-river as other: “Het IJ en wij”, whereas student Khaled Azizi proposed a neighbourhood that unites the growing group of elderly people in the Netherlands and inmates of a penitentiary in caring for public space, urban gardering and mutual social contact (see image).