staying longer



There are many hotels, bed and breakfasts, villas and other places to stay for more days in the area. Portal booking offers more than 20 accommodations in the small village of Lonigo, including farmhouses and hotels with pools.

A couple of kms from Lonigo is another villa and a large farmhouse to stay. There are many accommodations in all price ranges in Verona, Vincenza and the other charming cities nearby.


AirBnB offers more than 300 private rooms and apartments to stay within the area with an average prize of 85 euros per night for e.g. the last weekend of July.


Fancy a stay in a room on a farm or rent an entire farm? There are more than 422 farmhouses offered at the agriturismo site for the Veneto province alone.


Try some of these Italian websites to find the perfect campsite in Veneto province: Camping, Eurocamping, Coolcamping and many others. Try also for the other provinces close by such as Lombardy.