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Vincenzo Scamozzi (2 September 1548 – 7 August 1616) was an Italian architect and a writer on architecture, active mainly in Vicenza and Republic of Venice area in the second half of the 16th century. He was  the most important figure there between Andrea Palladio, whose unfinished projects he inherited at Palladio’s death in 1580, and Baldassarre Longhena, Scamozzi’s only pupil. The great public project of Palladio’s that Scamozzi inherited early in the process of construction was the Teatro Olimpico at Vicenza, which Palladio had designed in the last months of his life.

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Scamozzi’s influence spread far beyond his Italian commissions through his two-volume treatise, L’Idea dell’Architettura Universale (”The Idea of a Universal Architecture”), which is one of the last works of the Renaissance dealing with the theory of architecture. It was originally published with woodcut illustrations at Venice in 1615. His work is available online.

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