Daytrips form the villa are very feasible and recommended. See architecture of Scamozzi or Palladio, stroll through old charming cities like Vicenza and have coffee and ice cream.  Trips by car are the easies. Watch out for zona limitata signs in city centres and do not enter to avoid fines.

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Vincenza is 25km or half an hour away. With a metropolitan area of 300.000 inhabitants it is one of the wealthiest Italian cities rich in history, architecture (Teatro Olimpico by Palladio) and great inner city to stroll through.

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Verona is 40km or a little bit more than half an hour away. The UNESCO World Heritage city centre is famous for its open air opera in the ancient amphitheatre. The tourist information has useful flyers, maps and information online about attraction in the city and the province that includes Lake Garda.

Palazzo_della_Ragione_Padua_Fassade (c) Wikipedia


Padova is 60km and 45min travel from Lonigo. The municipality presents its architectural jewels online and there is much more to see, read and watch on the English tourism website.

Venice, Bologna, Milano

The large and must-see cities in the North of Italy are within distance for a full-day-trip. Venice (100km, 1 hour), Bologna (140km, 1,5 hours) and Milano (200km, 2 hours).