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’Floral Living’ Masterplan

‘Living among flowers’ urban masterplan

Project type: Sketch Design
Commissioned by: Podium voor Architectuur
Location: Bollenstreek (NL)
Date: 2003-2004

It is very well possible that a new ballance will have to be found between space dedicated to the flower bulb culture and space for housing.

Housing areas in stead of flower fields! For many people this is an apparition; something very caracteristic for the bulb region will have to make place for housing which is the same all over the Netherlands. Still, this might be unavoidable. In this worst case, it is extremely important that a type of housing is found that respects the character of the Bulb culture. The hereby proposed plan of Living in flowers does this with a certain sense of humour.

All plots in the polders between Hillegom and Lisse are being split. One half stays flower and bulb fields The other half will be build on. Because of the triangular shape of the plots viewpoints are created from which the blooming fields in spring can be admired. At the same time not just the tourists but most of the residents can enjoy this magnificent views.

The new buildings should not be like all other new residential areas, but should be derived from the building types typical for the area: the bulb sheds. Houses like bulb sheds are excellent to live in: they offer a lot of space, big windows from floor to ceiling, beautiful materials and a very recognisable style. The housing areas will be arranged like farmyards. The ground will be covered with gravel. There are no private gardens because the blooming fields are like big gardens already.

Of course, this plan can not be build one to one. But if you don’t search for ways to use the bulb land now we will be faced with the harsh reality of ugly urban developments that have pushed the bulb culture away.

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