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Art Path Zwolle

The city of Zwolle organized a competition for an art route that should guide visitors better from the station to the city. Titled ‘Zwolle is Art’ LEGU suggests an architecturally obvious route for pedestrians.

The trail leads travelers, visitors and residents who arrive at the new station downtown. The city itself serves as the foundation for the route. Determining artworks along the route, characteristic buildings and the cityscape itself are pointed out as recognizable landmarks along the walk.

The nationally renowned Museum ‘De Fundatie’ and a new pedestrian bridge over the canal and a new art work on the Station’s square are important links. These structures emerge sequentially in the view and lead pedestrians in a natural way. ‘Clean graffiti’ on the pavement help to point the pedestrians towards the landmarks, and eventually downtown.

Project type: Competition Entry
Commissioned by: Municipality of Zwolle
Location: Zwolle, the Netherlands
Date: 2014
Collaboration with: Gunther Creatie, Zwolle