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Indoor Outdoor Living

Projectsoort: Realisatie
Opdrachtgever: particulier
Locatie: De Pijp, Amsterdam (NL)
Datum: 2019-2020

Based upon the indoor-outdoor living concept this small apartment refurbishment offers its inhabitants connection with nature in their home and a place for recreation after a busy day in the city. The former walls have been taken out and natural light is entering the lofty space from the tree lined street and the leafy garden. The interior is visually connected with the outside, and an indoor greenhouse in the centre of the plan serves as an additional natural accent, and a source of light and calmness for the home of this couple and their little child.

The large sliding doors towards the garden extend the interior towards the wooden terrace. A garden shed serves as corona proof home office and its thick green roof contributes to biodiversity. The shed’s backwalls are inclined so that the stems and branches of the trees next to it can move freely.

Wooden sliding panels regulate privacy in the apartment and hide the more private rooms and a box bed. Opened up at night-time and on lazy Sundays they allow to enjoy the full apartment’s size. A cooking area made from natural stone and unsealed parquet flooring contribute to a pleasant atmosphere.

The ultimate feature of the indoor-outdoor living concept is a movable room on wheels. It serves as yoga hut, child’s or guest room and fits on various spots in the loft space. When this extra room is placed outdoors, you can have loft parties indoors and sleep peacefully under the stars.