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Re-use ‘De Vogel’ farmhouse


Sketch Design for Farmhouse ‘De Vogel’ re-use

Project type: Sketch Design
Commissioned by: Ministry of Economics Syntens and Hoeve De Vogel
Location: Haarlemmermeer, The Netherlands
Date: 2008

Farm ‘De Vogel’ (‘the Bird’) is and was an agricultural enterprise in Haarlemmermeer where a lot will change in the coming years. The neighbouring Amsterdam Airport Schiphol will expand and the new logistic park ACT (Amsterdam Connecting Trade) is planned. The farm can contribute to the transport area while its development and in the new situation. The farm can enhance the sustainable character that the developers of ACT are looking for featuring innovative spatial use, customer intimacy, meeting rooms, experience and sustainability. Preserving the farm stands for keeping a part of the identity of the cultural landscape and the ‘memory’ of the agricultural landscape around the airport.

Aan het oude boerenhuis is een grote schuur gekoppeld met een markante houten constructie volgens het stolpboerderij principe. De prachtige constructie heeft cultuurhistorische maar ook een dusdanige afmeting en flexibele structuur die uitermate geschikt is voor hergebruik. lehner gunther verkende de mogelijkheden door ontwerpend onderzoek en heeft daarbij drie oplossingrichtingen onderzocht.

Attached to the farmhouse is a large barn with a striking wooden construction according to the ingenious Dutch ‘stolp’ construction principle. The striking construction is of historic value but features also a size and flexible structure that is highly capable of being re-used. lehner gunther explored the possibilities through research by design and has come up with thee scenarios.

One of the results is ‘Barn 2.0’.  This sketch design features barn in a barn, where old and new meet, respect each others’ values and profit from each other. The old barn remains almost unchanged. The building placed within meets all modern demands and offers spaces for new functions voor the farm, ACT and the neighbourhood. Between the old façade and the new construction is a wide corridor that connects the new offices, the lunch restaurant, the shop for organic produce, a bakery and the kindergarten. Agrarians, business people and workers meet in this space. On top of the barn 2.0 is a large attic that serves as multifunctional space for agricultural craft and events. Between the beams of the wooden construction of the old barn people can crack nuts, play in the hay, have business meetings and give presentations. Literally Barn 2.0 features the best of both worlds.