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’A contemporary interior’

Y:legu7 VIC Victoriekwartier 24 Alkmaardrawings7 VIC 07 10

‘A contemporary interior’ for a family (Alkmaar, NL)

Project type: Sketch Design
Commissioned by: private client
Location: Alkmaar, The Netherlands
Date: 2007

Commissioned by a private client lehner gunther designed and integrals plan for the interior for a new residence in the Victorie Quarter, close to the city centre. The client longed for a sleek design, “A modern house should not act as if it was old fashioned, we want something new, something contemporary!”

lehner gunther designed a flexible plan which focuses on the possibility of making choices. Keywords for the design were innovation, flexibility and functionality. Like on a market the choice differs per season and situation. Moveable cupboards, walls and multifunctional furniture enable seasonal and mood propelled use possible.

The beletage functions as playing room, TV room or working studio. In the kitchen there is space for living, snacking, dining and having a coffee at the bar. Flexibility prevails even in the outside spaces: furniture can be used in- and outside and the basic materialisation continues to the exterior.

Flexibility also demands and aesthetic, clear and decent approach. The moving elements can be stored safely in an elegant cupboard along the wall.