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The Buurderij (Neighbourhood Farm) is a new concept for farms that, next to farm activities fulfill tasks for the neighbourhood and the surrounding landscape in an innovative way, like e.g. offer space for a kindergarten, care taking, recreation and artistic activities.

The design departs from the original landscape and accommodates the Neighbourhood Farm in it. Starting point is the topography which is present by default, but is hidden under the current pattern of the lots. From their origin parts of the land that are higher and other parts are lower. LEGU uses and enforces the natural topography of the landscape to make it more visible. The higher parts are used for agriculture, the lower parts for water (storage).

The new functions of the Neighbourhood Farm are rough landscape, space for a camping and boat rental, ateliers, workshop spaces and various gardens with a diversity of organic fruit.

Within the Neighbourhood Farm are various trails that explore the different types of landscape. The border between two types of landscapes is strongly perceivable for hikers. Through forest and rough grasslands the paths are undulating, through agricultural areas the paths are linear and follow the grid of the canals. The estate is also connected via existing bike paths and walking trails on a regional level.

Project type: Sketch Design
Commissioned by: Bureau Buitenkans, Gaston Remmers
Location: Haarlemmermeer, Nederland
Date: 2008