afbeelding 2

A new hall, a church square and a community lawn

Project type: Invited, paid competition
Commissioned by: Presbytery of the Evangelic Community A.B.
Location: Traun, Austria
Date: 2008

This project proposes the desired extension of the pastor’s house but also an urban solution for the ensemble of buildings. By adding the New Hall a church square emerges which is confined on three sides, but open and inviting towards the street – to the public coming to the service, visitors and passer-bys.

The New Hall measures 210 square meters and is enclosed on three sides by a facade composed by wood and glass and is open towards the community lawn and the park-like surroundings. The hall can be subdivided by a folding wall. The New Hall, the rooms on the ground floor and the first floor can be used and locked individually. The new structure is proposed in wood – a local and ecologically sustainable material that ensures an inviting and warm character for the outer shell and the interior.