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Project type: Invited exhibition
Commissioned by: Dr. Bernard Leupen, Amsterdam
Location: Amsterdam
Date: 2014

In 2014 former professor at the Technical University in Delft Bernard Leupen was curator of an exhibition with current work by is former students including lehner gunther (Mathias finished his studies with Bernard in 2001). Addressing our perception of the world and self-reflection Mathias made an object for this exhibition called ‘Vermessen’, the German word voor measuring, but also presumptuous.

“Architects travel around the globe in search for inspiration. This globe is a map of buildings that inspire me. Locations with inspiring buildings are depicted larger. The continents are distorted. That is quite a thing, you may think, but any map is subjective. Check it out.” The design of is deducted from the first building that inspired me: The design by Adolf Loos for Josephine Baker.