Detailing, working with materials, test and architectural models provides new insights for the design process. Working with textile has been a part of this for many years, e.g. by making cozies – closely fitting covers or lavishly lingering dresses for teapots and a range of furniture pieces including the TV-cap©.

A project in the atelier to stop hot tea getting cold when working numbly within a tight schedule went a little bit beyond its goal. After all the office’s teapots finally our friends’ tea pots became hidden in textile wraps in the shape of animals and abstract forms. After applying cozies to chairs and couches even the television set was wrapped with a TV cozy (in Dutch: Thee-Vee-Muts). The mania culminated in cozies for each LEGU project, appropriately tailored to the project’s geometrical outline. From here it is just a tiny step towards merchandising our realized projects, and to impress the client’s business partners and friends with a tea cozy of their architectural project. As you can see, the first prototypes have just arrived.