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The MainGate

Project type: Realisation
Commissioned by: St. Mainport en Groen and Recreatieschap Noord-Holland
Location: Schiphol, the Netherlands
Date: 2010-2014

The MainGate is situated on the top of an artificial hill, the so-called Big Spotters’ Hill, close by the runways of Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. The arch’s construction works as a landmark and is visible from a large distance – from the motorways A4 and A9, and from departing and arriving airplanes.

The arch is publicly accessible and has a recreational function as a viewing platform. It Marks the beginning of the recreational area Groene Weelde (Rich Green), but can be seen as a welcoming gate for a larger area. At night the silhouette of the gate is illuminated with LED lighting for which the integrated PV cells collect energy in daytime.

The gate’s parts are prefabricated to a high degree and are assembled within a short period of time. They can easily and completely be dismounted and re-used. In the long term alternatively, a restaurant can be integrated within the structure in its current place.