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ABLE – a table full of abilities and no legs

The ABLE was designed in 2021 to celebrate one year of covid-19 caused working in home office. The ABLE is full of abilities and has no legs. Via suction plates the ABLE is easily mounted on any window or other glass surface. The ABLE is therefore adjustable in height and enables you to work standing, and participate in video conferences on eye level. The ABLE is demountable via a click system and all parts can be re-used or exchanged. Choose your own ABLE’s surface size: just enough for your tablet, or much larger to enable you working on a laptop with a mouse or pen.

Key features of the design of the ABLE:
– enables you to work and video-call standing instead of sitting
– enables you to work on eye level with your face illuminated equally. No shadows and diagonal ceiling lines
– enables easy height adjustments
– enables you to work at any window or glass door in your home or office. No space for extra furniture
– enables to have a temporary working table that can easily be stored aside after work
– enables you to build your own in any size or colour you like

The first prototype of the ABLE was made by Mathias and his 14 year old son from leftover materials in the basement and a local DIY workshop. The suction plates and the pipe clips were bought online as shops were closed due to the lockdown. Its minimalist design is resource efficient and fully de- and re-mountable, all parts can be re-used.

Upon the request of friends and clients the principal drawings will be available free online here soon.