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Tree Sticks: a social catalyst

Projectsoort: Design
Opdrachtgever: RAUM Utrecht
Locatie: Leidsche Rijn, Utrecht. Anywhere actually.
Datum: 2020
Team: Mathias Lehner, Frank Holldack

‘Tree Sticks’ addresses the phenomenon of social isolation by proposing a sustainable solution that incorporates urgencies on a global level. This is done by thinking in social values, soft skills and – in this proposal the central idea – reconnecting with nature: Humans are part of nature and feel better in connection with nature. Biophilia is used as a strategy.

‘TreeSticks’ is a programmable piece of outdoor furniture activating urban citizens who are willing engage with potentially isolated person in the community as well as people feeling alone to escape their isolation. The design improves the habitat of city trees (protection, more open ground, rain water infiltration, breathing roots etc.) while at the same time improving the social interaction like conversation, lunch or drinks, gardening, games, reading or other ‘sticking together’ activities. ‘TreeSticks’ is resilient to weather and vandalism. It can be placed or constructed by individuals and communities and functions the whole year round:  Just like loneliness it has no season