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lehner gunther

lehner gunther is a multidisciplinary consultancy office for  architecture in the broadest meaning of the word. LEGU advises institutions, enterprises and private clients . The Amsterdam based office is founded in 2004 and works in Holland and abroad. LEGU…

- designs and performs research
- advises on architecture, strategy and communicaiton
- delivers plans and takes care for realization

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Johanna Gunther is interested in the entire building process from design until realization. Johanna Gunther studied Architecture at the TU Delft. Next to her work at lehner gunther she is senior lecturer architecture and urban planning at the University of Applied Science Amsterdam.

Mathias Lehner studied architecture in Vienna and Delft. He is an architect specialized in the creative, business and communicative aspects of architecture who works within an (inter)national professional network. Mathias develops, designs, organizes, researches and inspires.